News and Media

“La Gazette”: December 3, 2021, “A Work in Tribute to Professor Arne Ljunqvist unveiled by the Sovereign” by Audrey Corminboeuf

Denver Botanic Gardens, 2019, 

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Wikipedia: Sassona Norton -  2017

“Los Angeles Times”: November 9, 2017, “Former prison of Suffragists now turned into an art center in Virginia – Suffragist Museum in the works”

“Dagens Nyheter”:  Sweden, June 17, 2016, “De hojer ett varnande finger mot dopningen” – “They raise a warning finger against doping”

“Fastighets|NYTT”: Sweden, June 15, 2016, “Fabege tar krafttag mot dopning” – “Fabege will take vigorous action against doping”

“From 9/11 Memorial to Hurricane Sandy Monument”, Park Avenue Club, Morristown. Introduction of Sassona Norton at her speech by Dick Eger, 2005.

“”: February 11, 2015, “A Sure Hand Exhibit”

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